About Us

Company Background & Profile

Kingdom Cleaning Experts is a privately-owned business that has been providing high quality cleaning services in the greater Melbourne for the last 3 years. We provide affordable, high quality and responsive services to our clients. We tailor our service offering to meet each client’s personal requirements. We service clients in the private sector, Local and Government, Education, Health, Retail sectors.

Our Approach and Values

We combine our business acumen with a strong moral and social responsibility to give back to our local community. We do this by supporting the concept of social entrepreneurship and ensuring that our business has social, economic and environmental benefits to the community we trade in and are part of. Kingdom Cleaning Experts trains and employs people from socially disadvantaged and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds many of whom lack equal opportunities to get into the workforce or are excluded from the employment market. By giving these individuals a ‘fair go’, Kingdom Cleaning Experts contributes to job creation, support the local economy and benefit the community.